Chalkboard Key Holder and How You Can Make One

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In case you may have once rushed in the home looking for the keys in vain, then it is time to look for the chalkboard key holder.  The chalkboard is made in the wood of the high quality and it pays attention to all details. The chalkboard may have the writing place included and the hooks are used to hang the keys.  The board may be covered in a polyurethane finish. The board may also have the word welcome on it.

If you do not want to buy the chalkboard key holder from the store, you may make your own. You can start by getting a small piece of the wood or you may look for the scrap wood when you have the left over from an old project. You should then consider the decorative hook and you can find it in any store near you.  You should then put the board where you would like to fix it and paint it in the color you like. When the chalkboard has dried, you should measure and you may find the mid-point of the chalk.

Follow chalkboard key holder ideas

You should then drill the holes where the screws are going to be found and they are going to hold the hook at the board.  The board looks will depend on the type of the hooks you use.  You should also look for the hardware to fix the board like the mirror hangers. You should mark the places where you want to put the fixtures and you should ensure that you have marked the places well so that the board is not lopsided. If you have finished, you should use the small nails and the hammer to fix the board. Use the mark you put on the board before so that you can level up the board in the right way. You can add any message on the chalkboard and when you get tired, you will erase it and you may add anything else.

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