Big Flower Pots and How to Plan for the Plants to Plant in Them

big flower pot designs

When you have big flower pots, you are going to make a big statement regardless if you keep them outside or inside.  A pretty and large container that overflows with different assortment of many flowers, it is going to catch the eye of any person who comes in the home since it will be the focal point for the home or the corporate landscaping.

Regardless of how large pots may look good, everything may go wrong if you want to plant collection of many flowers in just one pot. The problem will not rise in the daily activities of taking care of the plant but starts in the planting and planning process.  You should choose the flowers that will be looking good when they will be working together and which are going to thrive in same situations.

big flower pot designs

When it comes to the big flower pots, you should know that there are really big pots which have more than 20 up to 32 inch.  Because large pots take too much space, you should put them in the place where they are going to serve a certain purpose. For example you may use them to break the monotony that comes from a large backyard or a large flat wall.

It may also be used in order to support small tree, a shrub and a vine.  The flowers may be used to provide the fruits or a screening away from the noisy neighbor.  Before you bring the big flower pots in your home, you should decide first what you want to plant into it.  You may plant the flowers that require to be replanted each year or you may choose the flowers that grow slowly to reach to a certain level.  While thinking about the right flowers, you should also be aware of their roots system. Some flowers may need a large area for their roots which is not possible in a pot.

colorful big flower pots Urban space and Architecture

10 Photos of the Big Flower Pots and How to Plan for the Plants to Plant in Them

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