Homemade Coasters are the Best Personalized Gift to Give

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The homemade coasters are the best gift that you can give for any occasion and it does not cost much. Square tiles found in the local store may be used for the DIY reason so that you can showcase your creativity. All you will require is the glue and the will to start and to complete the project.  You should wrap after stacking the finished coasters with a small ribbon and you can give them like a gift to someone you like.  It is easy to make the coasters and you may decide to make many more.

The homemade coasters can be personalized and you only need few supplies to create the coaster set you like.  You will need to have cork or a pre-cut coaster, white glue with other papers so that you may use them to cover the coasters.  You may printout the photos to cover them so that you may make the best gift.  The images you choose should be able to fit the project and you can resize the photos on the computer before you can print them out. You can cut the photos of nephews or nieces at the mother’s day, you may use the snow-filled pictures for a gift for the holiday and you may use fan snaps to give it for the birthday.

how to make coasters out of paper

While cutting pictures, you should round edges so that you may give the coasters a better look. You should coat at the front of the tiles with a layer of the glue and press it on the tiles or any other thing you are using. You should start by brushing horizontally afterwards brush vertically.

When you have finished with your homemade coasters, you should wrap them using a photo coaster within the entire of the ribbon and you can deliver them to the person you like. You may also keep them to use them when you want to take your favorite beverage next time.

how to make coasters out of paper

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