Ceramic Coasters: Tips on How to Make Yours

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When you want to make your own ceramic coasters, you should start by gathering all the materials. You should get tiles, paint brush to spread glue, any high quality craft glue, pencil, ruler, craft knife, scrapbook and your quilting needs. Read about the Quilt Shopping Guide to Choose the Best Quilting Fabrics for your next proyect. You may find all these materials from the home depot near you.  In place of using a scrapbook, you may use photos in order to make own custom photo ceramic coaster. You may also use a sheet music, a paper from a classic novel or botanical illustration. You should also have the materials that you may use to achieve a non tacky finish with a surface which is waterproof.

You should start by cutting the scrapbook paper so that you can decorate the coaster. You should leave the small border at the edges. Get your ceramic coasters tiles and ensure that they are dry and clean. In case they are greasy, wipe them using the methylated spirits or to rub the alcohol in order to clean them. Paint the blank paper of the decorative paper using white glue. You have to make sure that that the edges are up. You should use the scrap paper which you are able to use glue on.

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Put the pieces that you have glued on the decorative paper in the tile. You can press it in firm way so that you may remove all the air bubbles. It is good to use the glass tumbler to be a rolling pin and you should make a rolling motion starting in the center to reach to the edges. You should wait for the glue to dry before you continue. Add the white glue at the top of a decorative paper. It is good to brush within one direction. Afterwards, you will have to varnish and to make the tiles waterproof.  If you do not varnish ceramic coasters, they are going to have a tacky feel and stick when you use a hot cup with them.

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