Flower Window Boxes and How to Choose the Right Flowers to Plant in Them

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If you have decided to use the flower window boxes for your plants, you have to keep in mind that you should choose the variety of the flowers depending on your area and which is suitable for the place.  If it is sunny, you may think about planning the petunia, verbena, coleus or geranium.  If it is in a place where there is not enough sun, you may go for the ferns, coleus or petunia. If the area is partly shady, you may plant caladium or begonias since they grow from the bulbs. When it is in a full shade, you have to use the fancy leaved caladiums or ferns since they love the shades. The soil used for boxed or potted flowers have to be richer compared to these planted in the garden.

The cheapest flower window boxes are found in the steel or the sheet iron. They are normally painted. Regardless of the material being used, it should be in the right size depending on where you are going to use it.  The length of the box should fit snugly in at the ledge of the window outside.  It is important to keep in mind the growing conditions like the amount of the sunlight, friability and the quality of the soil that you want to use.

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Because the flowers in the box are confined, it is important that the plants should have the right drainage. Small holes have to be drilled at the bottom and every planter box should have the right drainage. The piece of the broken flower pot which is placed at the bottom before the window box has been filled and it is going to keep the soil against having to clog the opening. The gardening box has to be filled on the window ledge from an end to another end.  The depth should be enough to give enough room for the roots of the flowers and to let the vines, foliage plants and the flowers to grow.

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