Garden Wall Planter With the Planning Before Planting in Them

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To achieve successful garden wall planter, you should start from the planning. The plants to be used in one pot have to work together so that they all thrive. The plants that you put in one pot should need the same type of soil, the same level of sunshine with the same water amount. This is because the plants are going to share everything on daily basis.

You have also to be aware or the size of the plants when they grow up. The container will still be the same from the start to the end while plants will grow and change. You should be aware if the flower will be able to grow within the same pot to avoid the need of having to transfer them.  Decide the place where the plants will grow before you bring them at home. There are plants that love the sunshine while others love the shades.

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If you have decided to use different types of flowers for your garden wall planter, you should consider the flowers which will work well together. Different flowers and leaves are found in different variety and they range from velvety, prickly, fuzzy, waxy and shiny. When you put the flowers of contrasting qualities for every flower, they are going to stand out.  When the flowers are the same, they may mix together and they can look alike. You should be bold about the colors you choose and if you can go for more colors, the better for you.  When flowers share the same pot, it does not have to mean that they have to be in the same color, you can mix reds, purples, pinks and greens. When you have decided on one color theme, you will be able to stay at the right track but you should play around with many colors as you can.  Remember that the pot should have thriller, spiller and filler in its combination.

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