Butterfly Wall Stickers and How to Use Them in Different Places

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The use of the butterfly wall stickers is the best way that you can easily transform your plain room and you can use them to decorate any room in your home. The wall sticker can be glued on other wall paper, on wood surface or even on tiles. It is versatile product for any project you may be having. You can find simple decoration to elaborate ones.  For the bedroom, go for the pastel colors. White and black are gaining the popularity once again and the pale stickers can mimic the nature and can make the bedroom to be comfortable and relaxing.

If you are going to use the butterfly wall stickers in the living room go for large stickers. You can place them on the wall or over the TV and they will create the perfect finish to your room.  While choosing the colors of the wall stickers, you should consider these that are already found in your room like on the area rug, furniture, curtains and pillows. In the kitchen or in the dining room, you can mix the butterflies stickers with the stickers of cupcakes, teapots and fruits. You can also add the wall stickers on the refrigerator.

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In the bathroom, the butterfly wall stickers will look good if they mixed in the stickers of waterfalls, Mountain Rivers or marine animals. Before you go to buy the stickers, you should decide first on where you want to stick them. If it is on the wall, bigger decals are better, if it is on the furniture, you should go for small stickers. You should keep in mind which mood you wish to create.  You may want that the stickers to be the focal point or they may fade in the background. This is why you have to choose the colors carefully. You have also take the future in consideration, if you are planning to move, it is not a good idea to use expensive and non reusable wall stickers.

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