Black Window Boxes and Different Materials Used to Make Them

black metal window boxes

Before you choose the black window boxes, it is good to do so when you have all the information needed with you. You have to know that there are many materials that are used to make the boxes which you may choose from. They are iron, aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, vinyl and wood or copper among others. The wooden windows have been the standard from the past and they are affordable solution for the window box gardening or planting.  Their advantage is that they are easily painted, they are custom made and they are affordable.

The problem is that the average wood window box may only last 3-5 years and they may start to show the signs of decaying within 2 years.  The user should get them lined and they may be vulnerable towards the insects, moisture, peeling, fading, warping and bursting. To make the right choice for your wooden box, you should check if they are made in the cypress or cedar.  These wood types are able to resist the decay and they allow the window box to last longer when compared to other types of woods.

black composite window boxes

The black window boxes made in vinyl is the best options to the wood and it is a seamless box.  They are resistant to the moisture, but they do not accept the painting most of the time but they have a shiny appearance.  The vinyl may not support the heavy loads but it is lightweight and easy to install and can be put on the window that have media accessories. The vinyl brings many advantages over the wood and it is affordable solution without cases of rotting as window boxes.  The black window boxes in fiberglass have many advantages. They may be found in all the sizes and they may be painted also. The problem is that they are heavy and expensive compared to other materials.

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