Diy Mailbox Post With Different Materials Used to Make It

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Before you try the diy mailbox post, you should first see the postmaster or the letter carrier so that it can be approved since if your mailbox is not well designed, you may find that your mails may be stopped. There are many types of the materials that you can use to make your mailbox. Plastic offers the many options to make the mailbox post. The latest type is to use molded plastic. You can find the plastic in many shapes, unique designs with interesting colors. There are others that were made to look as if they are painted cedar mailbox post but they cost less without the issues of durability.  The mailbox is durable and can outlast metal posts and wood.

The aluminum with galvanized steel can be used to make the metal posts and you can find it at the sheds cork website. They are durable but aluminum is better since it cannot get rust which means that such finish is going to stay for a long period. The problem is that aluminum is expensive. Wood mailbox is the traditional choice for the people who are looking for the diy mailbox post. The post can be made in different types of wood like cedar and plywood and it is attached at the top of the mailbox.

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The base has to be sized in order to fit recess within the mailbox. You should test how the door operates if you want to make a final installation. If you want to use wood, you should know that redwood and cedar are resistant to the insect but they are expensive and they rot when they are buried.  You should use an underground preservative before you use them. The untreated woods like pine or fir may be used with the mailbox posts but they also need preservatives. Pressure treated wood can resist rotting and insects because of the powerful preservative used.  It lasts for a long period compared to other type of wood.

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