Window Sill Planter and Where to Get Affordable Ones

windowsill planter diy
windowsill planter ideaswindow sill planterwindowsill planter diyNever mind windowsill planter ideas

There are many things that you can use to make the window sill planter when you do not have the money so that you can build the garden bed or a new pot. You […]

Elevated Planter Box Allows You to Plant From any Place

how to make an elevated planter box
building an elevated garden bedelevated garden box planselevated garden beds on legselevated cedar planter box

With the elevated planter box, you can do the gardening in any place you have such as the window sills and you will not have to worry about which season you are in. However, […]

Black Window Boxes and Different Materials Used to Make Them

black plastic window boxes
black metal window boxesblack composite window boxesblack wooden window boxesblack plastic window boxes

Before you choose the black window boxes, it is good to do so when you have all the information needed with you. You have to know that there are many materials that are used […]

Deck Rail Planters and How they Can Help You to Transform Your Home

deck rail planter design
deck railing flower boxeshow to build a planter box for a deckdeck rail planter bracketsdeck rail planter ideas

The deck rail planters can transform the decks, balconies and patio in your favorite garden. The planters are the right way to add the exotic blooms or foliate on your bland or hard to […]

Indoor Window Box and Why You Should Not Worry About Using It

indoor window box planter
indoor window box decoratingindoor window garden boxindoor window box ideasindoor window sill planter box

Sometime you may like the idea of using the indoor window box but you may be put off because you think it can be messy or that it can leak in the house. However, […]

Flower Window Boxes and How to Choose the Right Flowers to Plant in Them

cedar window box planters
brackets for window boxesbest window box flowersfall flower window box ideasartificial flowers for window boxes

If you have decided to use the flower window boxes for your plants, you have to keep in mind that you should choose the variety of the flowers depending on your area and which […]