Big Picture Frames and How to Choose the Right Size

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The best way to ensure that you have the right big picture frames, it is to measure the picture first since the standard frame size take into account an inside dimensions of the picture but not the borders.  You have to measure the size of the picture in the width and length to know which is the right size of such picture. You have to ensure that you have added the borders since the frame is going to cover the entire pictures. According to the size of the picture, you should choose the best matting for it.  The matting has to be at least 2 or 3 inches large compared to the width and the length of the picture so that it can create the best effect for the background.  You have to decide on the thickness you want for the frame of your picture. You have to be aware of the frame thickness that it is going to complement the picture but which will not overpower the picture.

The big picture frames have to be based on the measurement of the picture itself and its matting. To be able to choose the best size frame, you have to measure the right size of the picture with matting.   You should put the picture in the center and then measure the width and the length. You have to decide on what you wish to achieve by the use of the frame.

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The frame which comes with a sloping edge or the beveled effect is going to draw eyes to the picture but the ornate frame draw the attention toward the frame on its own.  The frame should be based on your own style. When you want to get the frame for the old picture, it is good to go for the wood-stained or antique frames. Choose the color of the flame that will make the picture to pop up on the wall where you want to place it.

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