Old Window Frames and How to Replace Them With New Ones

decorating ideas for old window frames

The old window frames are out of the style and inefficient. You should learn of how you are going to remove the old window and get a new one by using the following easy steps. In order to get rid of the studs, you have to use the hammer together with pry bar so that you may pound off an old plaster. You should be careful about the boxes and electrical wires. You should pry a lathe away off the studs and you should remove old nails. You should save old lath since you can require it when you have to fur out studs when you are putting the new drywall.  To remove the old window completely, use the outside trim with pry bar together with the hammer.

You have also to remove an aluminum trim and be careful so that you do not damage sidings. You should save them so that you may re-use them. You should remove the trim materials so that you are able to expose the nails that put the window in its place. Within the house, you should have a reciprocating saw in order to cut out the nails.

decorating ideas for old window frames

You can then slide a blade in the gap so that you can start to cut. You should get someone to help so that the window does not fall off. If you want to add a new window where you get the old window frames, you should leave enough place around the window so that you may fix the new frame inside and that there is a place for the level up and the plumb. You may remove an old sill by the use of the hammer or the chisel. You may mark a center of the sill so that new window may be centered.  Use   tap measures to mark the place where the new window is going to be placed.

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